GeoIP-based Website Switcher + Kinsta

We recently helped with a rather interesting project that involved switching between several regional websites based on the geographical location of the website visitor. The client, NY Headshots, wanted the ability to steer visitors from Mexico to their Mexico City based website, but also steer US clients to their New York based website if they happened to be on the Mexico City based version. What they also wanted was a banner that would show up, and give the end user the ability to switch to the new website, or visit – Read More

New Project: Custom Event Integration

We recently had the opportunity to help with some custom adjustments for an internal event system for one of our clients. They were using a plugin to assist with scheduling events and showing them on their website, but they were limited in their ability to add additional information to the events. In addition, while each event could in theory have its own page, the way the theme was set up didn’t quite allow for this. So we ended up making some modifications in their theme, and also integrated it with – Read More

Interfacing with Apple News

We just completed a really interested project here that involved connecting a WordPress website to Apple News.  While there are various plugins that help with that, what made this particular case challenging was that the website used the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, and as such had no real WordPress-specific content in the database. What we ended up doing to solve this issue was to create a completely custom plugin to convert the Advanced Custom Fields data into a format that the Apple News Plugin could properly interpret.    The client – Read More

Upgrade to PHP 7.2 Before It’s Too Late

In roughly four weeks, WP Engine will start converting their users websites away from PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 and other hosting providers aren’t far behind. This change will affect almost 50% of WordPress websites, as those sites are still running PHP 5.6 or 7.0. The reason for this upcoming change is that both PHP 5.6 and 7.0 will be officially be deprecated, and may present security concerns going forward as they won’t be supported any longer. If you are hosting your WordPress website or websites on the WP Engine – Read More

Introducing Elevate for WordPress

We recently released our very first WordPress plugin, Elevate SEO. Using it, you can modify information on a per-post or per-page basis that will help you obtain a higher search ranking. It will also handle all the complicated meta data to make sure your website looks great when shared to various social media websites. You can download Elevate today from the official Elevate for WordPress site, or from the free repository.

New Client Project: Humpback Swims

We recently helped internationally renowned photographer Nadia Aly revamp her tourism website, When not travelling the world, Nadia leads Humpback whale tour groups in the country of Tonga; her website,, is the premiere portal in Tonga for booking groups of tours to swim with humpback whales. We helped Nadia do a complete site refresh, restyling the majority of pages and implementing a new design that included large hero images on each page. We also created a custom booking engine within WordPress that simplifies the management of bookings and – Read More

Project Gutenberg

For those of you who may not know, the team behind WordPress has been working hard for the last year or so on a brand new interface called Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a pretty revolutionary change for WordPress, with the primary goal being to replace the typical Page/Post editor with far more powerful editor that consists of independent blocks. The end result will be a more user friendly way to edit content, similar to what other website creation tools, such as Wix, employ. To say it’s been a bit controversial would – Read More

Why Chilliwack?

Chilliwack Web Design

A few people have asked me why I wanted to base a new web design and digital marketing agency in Chilliwack, of all places. The simple truth is that as someone who was born and raised here, it’s a place I’ve always really loved. While I’ve visited 38 countries and spent time living in many of them, there has always been something magical about this little Canadian mountain town. My previous web venture was based out near Toronto. While I worked remotely or from Chilliwack, most of our clients were – Read More

Why Your Website Needs To Be Secure

Making your website secure

If you’ve ever visited a large corporate website (think Google, Twitter, or even your online bank), you’ve probably noticed the little lock icon in your browser window. What that means is that your connection is encrypted, and nobody (short of Chloe O’brian from 24) who intercepts the communication will be able to decipher it. That’s why you can put in your personal information, credit card numbers, etc., without worrying that someone else will possibly get a hold of them. If you look up at the browser on this site, you’ll – Read More

The Importance of Having A (Good) Mobile Website

Responsive Website Development

If you don’t have a properly developed mobile website nowadays, Google will lower your ranking and drive less traffic to your website.