Web Design & Development

We have over two decades of experience building, deploying and maintaining WordPress websites

We’ve been building websites since basically the time the internet was born. Back when we started, it wasn’t uncommon to see those little ‘under construction’ GIF images on a website along with lots of flashing dots.

Thankfully the web and web design has come a long way since then, and most websites today are far more functional and professional than they used to. Unfortunately though, that also means they are a lot more difficult to create properly. Many of the websites we encounter today fall short in many obvious ways, and likely don’t satisfy their primary objective, which is to help your business make money.

Good Design is Good Business

A properly developed website accomplishes specific business goals and is usable on multiple devices, including mobile phones.

Before you can even start to create a website, you need to understand what it’s intended to do. The requirements for a brick-and-mortar retail shop (where your primary goal may be to get someone to come visit the store) are far different than an online business which needs to promote and sell goods from the website. Each of these business websites must be approached differently.

While some design agencies focus on providing ongoing photoshop proofs to clients for approval at various stages, we typically skip that and work directly with prototypes – while it’s great to look at an image of a website over an email, websites are living, breathing entities, and it’s much easier to evaluate one that’s live on the internet (in a private area during the development stage) with clickable links.

While most web agencies stop once the website is delivered, we go a lot further and make sure your website is optimized for Google and that your content is being indexed properly – there’s no point having a fancy website if nobody can easily find it.

If you’re interested in engaging with us on a new web project, please contact us and let us know a bit more about you are looking for.