Why Chilliwack?

Written by Duane Storey on Oct 23rd, 2017

A few people have asked me why I wanted to base a new web design and digital marketing agency in Chilliwack, of all places. The simple truth is that as someone who was born and raised here, it’s a place I’ve always really loved. While I’ve visited 38 countries and spent time living in many of them, there has always been something magical about this little Canadian mountain town.

My previous web venture was based out near Toronto. While I worked remotely or from Chilliwack, most of our clients were from out east. One of the main advantages of Lindell Media, and one that I’m looking forward to, is helping some of the talented business owners that have chosen to locate their businesses here as well. I’ve always imagined Chilliwack becoming a technology hub at some point, as it seems to have a nearly perfect blend of lifestyle, geography, and leisure activities, all of which would appeal to some of the larger technology companies.

So if you’re in or near Chilliwack and are looking for help designing, building or maintaining a website, online or social media presence, then get in touch with us via the menu up above and we will surely be able to help.

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